September 12, 2016


  • Fresh Squeezed Chassidut: exploring spiritual Torah from different Chassidic masters, led by a rotation of budding chassidic masters in our community. Every Sunday morning at 10am at the Shteible, with fresh squeezed OJ. No experience in Chassidut necessary, and all are welcome and encouraged to share of themselves! If you’d like to lead a class, email
  • Back to the Beisics: a weekly class that goes through the basic of religious Judaism – part practical, part ideological – with the goal of making participants feel at home in religious communities. This is for people who are new to Judaism or new to religious Judaism, and people looking to renew/refresh their Judaism. Sign up here if you’re interested, or email for more info or with any questions.
    • January was on Philosophy and Theology of Judaism, February was on Jewish History and Peoplehood, March was on Daily Jewish Life, and April/May will be on Shabbat and Holidays.
  • Open Beis Midrash: a monthly interactive, peer-led evening of chaburot (group Torah learning), where local and outside talent open up niche and interesting aspects of Torah. Classes will be Thursday nights with snacks at the Shteible.
  • G!d Salon: a series of intimate living room conversations to explore our individual and communal experiences and relationships with G!d. Email for more info or to sign up for the next one.