What We Do

How we gather, celebrate, and form community together

Shabbat Prayers and Torah Study

Join us every Friday night at sundown (times in the calendar below) as we welcome in Shabbat, and new people, as a community. We also pray and study Shabbat/Saturday at 9:30am, and have Torah learning an hour before sundown, followed by an intimate gathering to usher out Shabbat. We pray with a lot of spirit, singing, intentions, sharing, and dancing, and with a mechitza.

Holiday Celebrations

Meaningful High Holyday prayers and meals, Hanukkah celebrations in the streets, rocking Passover Seders — you definitely want to spend Jewish holidays with us, especially if you’re new, or looking for something new. It's traditional, but hopefully will also feel alive and welcoming in all the right ways. Next up: bringing more light to the neighborhood on Chanukah!

Personal Support

New to the neighborhood? Going through a tough time? Feeling alone in the big city? We aim to support people through Shabbat meals, chicken soup deliveries, and other community support. We would also love to go out for coffee and get to know you better and how the Beis could support you - or vice versa! Best way to do that is contact any of the fine, friendly folks listed below!

WHAT WE’RE ABOUT: The Beis is an intentional, inclusive, innovative Orthodox Jewish community that provides a home for people looking to explore their Judaism, to connect with others, and to be inspired.

The Beis Community was started in 2013 when a bunch of Jews living in a big city felt like their neighborhood should feel more like home. Maybe something with a little intimacy, intention, and spirit, more diversity, welcomeness, and inclusion, and values that reflected their own and would speak to a broader audience. And when people started coming, they realized they were onto something, that lots of people were also looking for that. Join us and find your home at the Beis Community!

Meet Our Leadership

Atara Lakritz

Programs Team Member

Atara works in communications at a Jewish nonprofit. She is passionate about fighting voter suppression, creating inclusive communities, and dogs.

Miri Miller

Programs Team Member

Miri hopes to bring color and connection into the world by gathering people together in creative and spiritually diverse spaces. She has her own art business where she translates people's connections to one another, to the world, and to Judaism into symbolic designs.

Rachel Chabin

Programs Team Member

Rachel values expanding Jewish accessibility in her personal and professional lives, and her commitment to inclusive Jewish spaces is what brought her to the Beis. She currently works with a number of Jewish non-profits to provide closed captioning, and hopes to pursue a career in the rabbinate.

Moty Raven

Programs Team Member

Moty cares deeply about the inclusion of marginalized voices into religious Jewish spaces and this is why they are proud to call the Beis home. They currently work in customer service and spend their off time volunteering for other causes they believe in.

Sarah Robinon


Sarah loves Torah - teaching middle school girls at Manhattan Day School; gen Zers on Birthright trips; and adults in Beth Jacob Congregation in Oakland, CA as Community Scholar. Her favorite spot in the Heights are the benches by the flagpole in Ft Tryon Park!

Eliyahu Spivack

Programs Team Member

Eliyahu strives to promote mental wellness and inclusion in the Jewish community and beyond. He graduated from Yeshiva University, teaches at a special ed school, loves to write, and is an aspiring therapist.

Anat Coleman

Board Member

Anat Coleman (she/her/hers) has enjoyed calling the Heights her home since 2002, when she moved from London. Anat is the Director of Strategic & Community Initiatives at the Jewish Community Council of WaHi, and has been part of the Beis community since its inception.

Naima Hirsch

Naima Hirsch

Board Memer

Naima cares deeply about creating radically inclusive communities and bringing Jews of all stripes together to laugh, sing, and learn. She is a rabbinical student and sometimes-poet who also teaches Hebrew school.

Shimmy Feintuch

Board member

Shimmy enjoys speaking about spirituality, mindfulness, and mental health. He is a psychotherapist, public speaker, writer, and adjunct professor at YU’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work. Although Shimmy wears many hats, none of them is a Borsalino.

Yael Brodsky Levine

board member

Yael has lived in Washington Heights for over 10 years. She loves dreaming up new ideas to make people feel seen, Torah feel accessible, and community feel like a home. She would love to host you for a Shabbat meal (if you're vaccinated).

Hart Levine

Spiritual Leader

Hart works to bring Jews together, starting in college with Heart to Heart, with the OU, now with Mizrachi, and with the Beis - where he plays the role of spiritual leader & community organizer. Hart loves inviting new people for Shabbat, and creating data visualizations.

Get in Touch

Best way to get in touch would be by filling out this contact form, or messaging one of the people listed above. You could also just show up to something -- see the JOIN US tab on the top!

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