The Beis Community is an intentional Jewish community that provides a spiritual home where all are welcome and celebrated, and transcends expectations of routine Orthodoxy.

We envision a Jewish community that is first and foremost a community, a home. Through the community we will give a new voice to Judaism and Jewish life, rooted in our tradition and speaking to the modern age. Like Rabbi Kook’s vision “The old shall be renewed, and the new shall be made holy”, we will bring new life, new people, and new spirit to the hallowed structures of our tradition. Our community is one whose set of values and openness appeals to Jews of a variety of backgrounds and beliefs, and reflects those who are found within it. Our goal is to use the incredible human capital in our community and our position in New York City to create an aspirational model for Jewish communities of the future.


  • Creating a Home: Cultivate a welcoming community that actively invites Jews of all or no backgrounds to engage with Jewish life and Judaism
  • Spirituality: Infuse our lives with intention and Godliness through prayer, Torah study, and creativity that is innovative and renewed
  • Empowering Participation: Create avenues for active participation to cultivate individual potential and help us to realize the potential of our kehillah
  • Human connection: People-centered focus with an emphasis on welcomeness, inclusivity, and connecting people
  • Commitment: To Halacha, to our tradition, and to our Godly mission

Thoughts? Feedback? Get in touch with Hart (hart@beiscommunity.com) or Reb Tanya (tbf@beiscommunity.com)