We’re a community. Which means we’re made stronger through the support of everyone.

If you’ve ever joined the Beis Community, you know that we’re building a welcoming, meaningful, and joyous home for Jews in the Heights, and inspiring a model for the broader Jewish community. We hope to make that vision a reality, each and every week, but we need your help! We’re a lean organization that is completely volunteer-driven, but we still need funds to run programs, share meaningful Judaism, and keep the lights on. We’re an independent, tax-deductible (501c3) organization, and we rely solely on your support to allow us to keep going.

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You can also donate fee-free via ChaseQuickPay/Zelle (to:thebeiscommunity@gmail.com), Venmo @beiscommunity, or via check or cash (contact us for delivery options). And please contact Hart Levine for more info or with any questions – we’d be happy to accommodate you in all the ways you wish to support our community.