Pitch an idea to the Beis Core Team
Do you have an idea for a class, a workshop, a program that you would love to run through the Beis Community? We want to hear from you!

Q: What kinds of programs are you looking for?
A: We’re open to all kinds of programs, including something taking place in the Beis Space, in your apartment, or anywhere else. Most importantly, we’re looking for programs that fit with the mission of the Beis and promote one or more of our values. Additionally, we’re looking to fill needs or gaps in programming that aren’t currently being met by any other local organization. If the program fits within one of our existing teams (Davening, Learning, Support, Kids), we’d suggest first reaching out to that point person and seeing if it makes sense to do it with them. 

Q: Is there funding available?
A: Yep. We will be able to cover costs of materials and supplies within reason, but have a limited budget for speaker fees and larger expenses.

Q: Do I have to be a part of the Beis Community to apply with a program idea?
A: No, though submissions from active community members will be given greater priority.

Q: How will the proposals be reviewed?
A: The six members of the Beis Core Team will review proposals and determine how to proceed.

Q: What are some examples of programs that you’ve run in the past?
A: Over the last five years, we’ve run all sorts of programs, from guided meditations to open mics to prison poetry. Check out the full list of past events on our Facebook page!

Q: What’s the timeline for the review process?
A: You should submit your proposal at least 6 weeks before the intended date of you your program. We’ll review proposals on a rolling basis. You should hear back from us within 3 weeks of submittal. In case you don’t hear from us, please reach out to hart@beiscommunity.com.

Ready to Apply? Let’s go! Fill out the application here