February 22, 2016

FrED Talks

FrED talks are TED talks by your friends, a forum to highlight interesting people and ideas in our community – one of our specialties and the hottest act in town! Have your mind blown and your horizons expanded as members of our community share their passions and professions with us.

Past presenters have been:

  • Yael Levine: Urban Planning and Environmentalism
  • Chaim Kesler: Political Campaigns and Community Organizing
  • Yael Steiner: Pluralism and Community Day School Education
  • Jeremy Heyman: Urban STEM Education (and a rap!)
  • Miriam Gofine: Ebola and Epidemiology
  • Sasha Kesler: Human Rights and Sex Workers in El Salvador
  • Simeon Botwinick: Demystifying the Alcoholic Terminology of Beer
  • Elchanan Clingman: How to Build an App: Success and Failure
  • Jina Davidovich: Somehow Still Yours – Joy in Religion
  • Amanda Gelb: Dream to Reality – A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Arielle Salkin: Dress-making and Fashion Design
  • Leor Hackel: Neurological Effects of Gratitude
  • Jonathan Schwab: Louise Erdrich’s Writings and Native American Culture
  • Raphy Rosen: Organ Donation and Medical Ethics
  • Shlomit Cohen: Public Defenders and Family Court
  • Gavriel Meir-Levi: Experiences with Nature and Farming
  • Chanan Siegel: Sustainable Building and Design
  • Anat Coleman: Advocacy for the Needy in Our Own Neighborhood
  • Rachael Fried: Advocating Activism and Tackling Taboos
  • Hart Levine: The Art of Meeting Strangers
  • Tali Cheses: A Day in the Life of an Architect
  • Miriam Rosenbaum: The Zika Crisis in Brazil, From the Ground Up
  • Nava Billet: An Educated Consumer is the Best Consumer
  • Jordy Burstein: Decoding Cubism and Making Meaning of Modern Art
  • Marissa Emple: How Music Therapy Saves Lives
  • Sara Rozner: Sex Education in the Jewish Community
  • Geoffrey Kiderman: New Models of Schooling in Primary Education
  • Malka Aviva & Shlomo Klapper: The People Behind the Speech
  • Shmuli Novogroder: Canvassing for the Bees.
  • Ethan Kaseff: Psychology of Happiness


To volunteer yourself (or someone else) to give a FrED talk, email Miki Friedmann and Amanda Gelb